Thank you for visiting the Curl Publishing Website. Curl Publishing is a small Publishing Corporation based in Central Pennsylvania. It is our hope to give a larger voice to independent journalists and writers who might otherwise be letting their talents go to waste in a digital market saturated with poorly written articles, books and blogs.

We specialize in supporting writers and journalists producing quality articles for publication in a digital format; be it on blogs, magazine news websites or any other forum that will give our writers optimal exposure.

As Curl Publishing grows, so will the scope of our interests.

Curl Publishing is dedicated to being an equitable and democratic Corporation that gives every single writer under the Curl Publishing umbrella an equal voice and an equal share of the profits.

Writers will also be granted full intellectual property and moral rights to their work and be able to publish on any site or through any other medium they see fit. We believe that the writer is the one who should own their words; not a corporation. We believe in sharing profits equitably among writers and using a percentage of profits on advertising and any other medium that will grow the business for the benefit of the writers associated with Curl Publishing Inc.

Thank you for your interest,

Todd S. Curl

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